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Unanswered is a podcast I produce and co-host with Nicolas Papaconstantinou.

Each episode focuses on a single topic and, largely unprepared, we navigate the issue as best we can, injecting personal stories and attempts at humour along the way. The resulting episodes are an edited highlights package.

Recording started in September 2012 and the podcast itself launched in November with a burst of the pilot and first two episodes. New episodes are released on the first Wednesday of each month.

Topics discussed so far include:

  • Being owned by your own possessions
  • Opinions
  • The fear of flying
  • Obligations at Christmas
  • The differing versions of ourself

Unanswered can be found on WordPress.com; Twitter and Tumblr. The podcast can be subscribed to via iTunes or FeedBurner. Previews of existing and forthcoming episodes are available on Soundcloud.

Beeb’s News

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I’d been looking for a way to do something quick and fun on a regular basis—daily if possible—which could be published quickly. In May 2012 I settled on Beeb’s News: a satirical Tumblr site warping the day’s news as seen on the BBC News homepage.

Each morning brings a fresh challenge, with new news stories to subvert. Some days are easier, funnier or smarter than others, but there’s always tomorrow. The only rules are no swearing, and treat sensitive stories with sensitivity (which occasionally means pixellating them and moving on).

Beeb’s News can be found on Tumblr and Twitter.

Beeb’s News entry for Wednesday 30th January 2013

Beeb’s News entry for Wednesday 30th January 2013