Category: Illustration

  • A Robot In This Guise

    A Robot In This Guise

    Back in 2009, my friend Nick introduced me to the Travelling Moleskine project, where sketchbooks get released into the wild, each with their own theme, and anyone can take up a page or a spread to creatively interpret that theme. I recently revisited my submission and recreated the illustration.

  • Creating a new identity

    Creating a new identity

    A friend of mine and I had often joked about inspirational quotes and life coaching popping up on social networks; at the idea that it’s a magic bullet in and of itself. We’d tweet brief exchanges in the Drunk Hulk mould of caps lock, exuberance and typos, having a good chuckle about it each time we had…

  • Derek Danger

    Derek Danger

    This January, super comickers Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and Robert Ball, started on joint comic project Dangeritis, about the misadventures of Derek Danger. The sketches came thick and fast, building and rounding out Derek. The Britishness oozed through, and I was nuts for it. Well, that’s an exaggeration. If “went nuts” was 100%, I was around 80%.…